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“With the three hundred I will save..." Judges 7:7

As a monthly sustaining partner of AFM’s 300 Strong inner circle you empower the mission to operate with efficiency and urgency when called to action in times of crisis. Your support makes it possible to continue doing what we do, whether it is in a ten-hour standoff with a veteran in crisis, working with teens to restore resilience after attempting suicide, or being there in the heat of the moment when a hurting person has lost hope.

Less than 20% of AFM funding comes through private grants while the bulk of support is through individual periodic donations from individuals and families that believe in the mission of reducing suicide. The greatest need is individual monthly sustaining partners that assure that whenever and wherever we are needed, we are able to respond in times of crisis. Because of our faithful partners the individuals and families we serve never receive a bill for the services provided. The same is true of agencies which request our assistance during a crisis. The rapid response AFM provides is made possible by our donors.   

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Join AFM's 300 STRONG inner circle today as a monthly sustaining partner and receive a 300 STRONG t-shirt as our gift. Thank you for your support! 

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